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The latest new Government initiative is the First Homes Scheme, designed to get people onto the housing ladder in their own local area.


It?s never exactly been easy for first-time buyers, getting together enough money to put down a deposit on a home. And after the past couple of years it?s been particularly difficult. But in June 2021 the new First Homes scheme was launched in England, aimed at first-time buyers and key workers, who are trying to buy property. Over the next two years in over a hundred locations across the country more homes will become available on new sites.

So how do you qualify for the scheme?

  • If you are a key worker or first-time buyer with an income not exceeding ?80,000 (?90,000 in London); and
  • If you can get a mortgage for at least 50% of the purchase price; and
  • As long as it?s to be your only home.

How do you apply?

Builders and developers involved in the scheme will be able to tell you where the new homes are available and they can handle your application.

You can get more information at and once you?re ready to buy, don?t forget to shop around for the solicitors or conveyancing firm who will be handling the conveyancing process for you. There are plenty of cheap quotes out there, but check what exactly you?ll be getting for your money. Here at Hunter?s Solicitors you?ll find no hidden extras, and we?ll give you a complete quote up front, with everything clearly explained. First-time buyers can find the buying process complicated and worrying, but we will explain it to you without all the jargon.

Hunter?s Solicitors would be happy to help on this, or any other, home purchase. Just give us a call.